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After great interest I am thrilled to announce a limited number of opportunities, to work exclusively with me through Less Stress Mastermind!!!

The support will be specific to your needs, from your private home and around your schedule. All materials from the workshop will be delivered by mail to your address to ensure you are not missing anything from the content of the day!


Less Stress Mastermind Online

The recently debuted Less Stress Mastermind in person workshop will now be offered to a limited number to people via skype or telephone. Over four 90 - 120 minute sessions you will be supported through the Less Stress Mastermind content specific to you, from the comfort of your home, at a time which works for you. Limited places have opened up for September and October and bookings are now being taken.

Specifically you will receive:

- a complete Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) prior to our first session which is online through CPP Asia Pacific - the exclusive training and administration provider of MBTI. From this you will receive a 17 page document which will explain how you direct and receive energy, how you take in information, how you decide and come to conclusions and how you approach the outside world. Using this information I will support you to identify everyday stress which arises based on the preferences you were born with.

- four 90 - 120 minute sessions delivered fortnightly via skype or phone to complete the Less Stress Mastermind content in the convenience of your home at a time that best suits your needs. This will be negotiated and will include availability on weekends and outside traditional 9-5 hours.

- all resources boxed and mailed to your door including a full size items in the goodie bag - and a few surprises exclusive to one on one Less Stress Mastermind!

- access to an ongoing private alumni facebook group for those who have completed the course to continue their journey to less stress with support from both myself and peers.

Payment Option One - Instalment

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For those looking for an extended payment plan.

10 fortnightly payments of $60.00.

= $600.00



Payment Option Two - Pay in full

BOOK NOW fOR September and OCTOBER!!!

For those looking for a once off payment at a reduced rate.

One off payment of $500.